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At age 4, I heard my sister’s friend playing the violin and at that moment it struck a chord in me. After begging my mum for lessons, I ended up playing for approximately 7 years performing “end of year shows” in churches and passing grades with the help of Mona Kodama, my Japanese teacher. At about this time, my sister Abigail was having singing lessons and was learning to play the piano. She suggested I take one or two singing lessons just for fun but it resulted in me wanting to take regular lessons. “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt was my very first cover! 


At this point music was not a big part of my life until I performed my very first show at a school concert in front of approximately 300 people, receiving an amazing ovation. (“I’m not the only one” by Sam Smith).  Later on that summer, aged 13/14, I joined a music summer camp called “Rock Academy” teaching us intensely about songwriting, recording, performing and the business in general. This was probably one of the most motivating experiences of my life enabling me to start recording basic covers, learn guitar and attempt to start writing my own songs. At this time, around 14y, I encountered a few health challenges forcing me to stay at home, missing quite a bit of school. This enabled me to write many songs and learn my trade! This is when I realised that music was more than just a passion. It was my escape and my medicine. 


About a year later, I put together several of these tracks on a CD, all recorded and produced in my studio in France. Following that, I performed many gigs both private and public in pubs, bars and restaurants. I also did a lot of "street performing" in many different places in order to earn some extra money to help me buy more equipment, helping me to improve my tracks.

In December 2020, I co-wrote "Tick Tock", a song that was chosen to represent Croatia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. It became a number one hit in Croatia as well as trending around Europe and has won an award for “Hit of the month”. 

I am currently living in London, and have studied throughout 2020/2021 music production and engineering at Abbey Road Institute.

I continue to write and compose for other artists as well as for myself and am looking forward to sharing new music with you all!



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